Market Tells

I was away from the computer screen during the Friday market drubbing, but you can be sure I noted the gold stocks (and UPL) were flat on the day.

Perhaps the title of this worthwhile essay should have been “Buy Gold“:  Will central banks cancel government debt?  FT Alphaville

Gold And Silver Correction Will End Over The Next 2 Weeks at Iacono Research.

If you enjoyed Grant Williams presentation from Saturday, you’ll also like Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Markets.

The precious metal royalty stocks are insulated from shocks like “In consideration of the near-term challenge of dilution for the remainder of 2012, the Company revises its 2012 annual production outlook down to…”.  This regular gold stock occurrence which hit GORO last week.

Billionaire Frank Giustra: Gold will be the final bubble from Mining.

WEIMAR: Here’s What We Know About The Hyperinflation Horror Story That Haunts Europe Today at Business Insider.

Gold & Gold Stocks Readying for Upturn Against Stocks at Kitco.

Peter Brandt’s extensive Special Chart Analysis of the U.S. stock market concludes “the chart construction indicates the market is poised for a significant trend (move).”  Perhaps it’s too early, but Adam Hamilton wrote Stock Bull Topping at Zeal.

I saw little mention of it, but the big news while I was away last week was supposed to be China’s GDP number.  China Growth Suggests Economy on the Mend at Business Week.

Kass:  Technology Breaks Down The StreetNasdaq Losing 2012 Lead Fast from Bespoke.

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