Macro Monday

Rex Tillerson in a thoughtful interview on Charlie Rose.

BP’s Bob Dudley Shares His Energy Thoughts at EFSChevron estimates US has recoverable oil and gas equivalent to 35 years of Saudi production at EIN News.

Demand Declines but Bullish Storage Data Suggest Prices Will Remain High by Kyle Cooper.

Central bank money printing and the mystery of soaring shares at The Telegraph.

Out On a Limb: An Investor’s Guide to X-treme Monetary and Fiscal Conditions by John Mauldin.

The Coming Crash in the Bond Market by Bud Conrad.

Is the U.S. leveraging?  No, private sector debt is being replaced by Federal government debt (which is being printed).

“The housing recovery has added 125,000 residential construction jobs so far — plus more than 184,000 jobs in other housing-related industries.”  Trulia

Loews Adjusted Book Value Update by the Brooklyn Investor.

Saturday off-topic:  Why hasn’t the internet killed the real estate agent?  Business Week.