Industrialization Meme

The mining world can be divided into two distinct, but overlapping groups.  The small gold mining industry is populated by goldbugs fearful of the credit bubble.  The other side is the base metal and bulk commodity complex :  Think copper, zinc, moly, and iron ore and met coal for steel making.  The precious metal complex responds to currency debasement.  China dominates the industrialization of emerging markets theme.  Our theory is to sell ’em what they need, rather than compete against them.

Great are the number of pundits who do not understand the the China story, most of whom do not have personal friends in a poor yet developing country.  “Although one economist estimated that 64-million apartments are empty…”  How does something so ridiculous get published?  Huffington Post.

“Speed Up or Slow Down–Don’t Exit the Commodities Highway” by Frank Holmes.

A Charlie Rose interview regarding China’s economy (it’s way better than your favorite sitcom and will take less time):  Global Macro Monitor.

Rustbelt Revival:  “A decade after an explosion of unrest in China’s north-east, a remarkable recovery is under way” from the Economist.

Expectations are China’s growth rate will bottom in Q2 2012.  China Daily

For the first time, Asia now has the most high net worth individuals in the world, something I would not expect to change in my lifetime:  Globe and Mail.  China fast becoming People’s Republic of Gucci at Globe and Mail.