Golden Radar

Perhaps this title does not mean much to you:  George Soros endorses 5% NGDP target (Money Illusion).  Next consider negative real interest rates as a a sign of the times (Iacono Research).  NGDP stands for nominal gross domestic product.  Soros is advocating a higher level of negative interest rates to ease ‘excessive indebtedness.’  While a bond holders nightmare, this environment will be a precious metal panacea.  The thought process is still a monetary frontier, but so was quantitative easing in 2008.  In short, it’s coming.

Apparently debasement can occur in may ways:  Content Wire.

Why globally coordinated QE and higher gold prices are unavoidable at Gold Silver Worlds.

Gold Stocks: History Argues for More Upside at Daily GoldGone Since March… the Gold Bull Market Is Officially Back at Daily Wealth.

David Stockman takes lays it all out:  CNBC video.  Peter Schiff has a whole lotta fun:  Youtube.

Platinum lead today, perhaps explaining FNV’s gyrations this week.  Platinum Soars As Spreading South African Miner Strike Cripples World’s Biggest Platinum Firm at Zerohedge.

Animated version of monetary policy:  Rortybomb.

Silver Wheaton – Scare Tactic Closure by me,  JJ Butler.

As for this mornings gold and silver stock swoon?  Dip buys came is quickly.  “Good stocks are hard to buy.”


3 thoughts on “Golden Radar

  1. Mr Schiff, love him, exposes the Doltocrats…

    Content Wire, supports the iOccupy Movement, which is bad for my metal health…

    World globally coordinate QEs? As John McEnroe, would scream at the umpire “you can be serious.”

    Soros plan for, NIAGDP, will fail as bad as the Federal Reserve…Ask Soros for a free lunch and he will say no..

    Lot’s of delightful links, especially RortyBomb…

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