Energy Change

Oil Set for Second Weekly Drop on Demand Outlook, Supply at Bloomberg.

Short Opportunities in The Oil Market at Invested Central.

The fourth quarter is peak seasonal demand for oil, yet “Forecasters say that in the fourth quarter, global oil output will top demand by more than 630,000 barrels a day, the biggest surplus in four years.”  WSJ  (Google the title to read the whole article)

Is the Keystone XL pipeline commercially necessary?  Is the world changing that fast?  Climate News

“The (U.S.) gasoline market has become highly regionalized with the country apparently divided into areas of feast and famine.”  RBN Energy

Not everything changes:  “But a lot of these big oil companies are still just struggling to grow production.”  Reuters

Natural gas into diesel:  SF Gate.

The oil to natural gas ratio:  All Star Charts.

Five or so years ago UPL struggled getting its gas out of the Rocky Mountains.  Now, REX gas flows drop 33% this month due to Marcellus, spreads West from Platts.

“Chevron has added Lithuania to the growing list of eastern European countries where it is hoping to find shale gas with the acquisition of a 50% stake in local exploration company LL Investicijos.”  Platts

The Utica is so young, publicly available information is scant:  ReutersUtica Shale Development: How do early-stage characteristics equate to other North American shale plays?  OGJ

More on the monster Marcellus:  Fuel Fix.

China is beginning to move into the LNG market:  Platts.  We know what happens when China starts dominating the net exports of a commodity…

A 75 page technical Hydrofracking Risk Assessment manual beyond me.

4 thoughts on “Energy Change

  1. “The argument is familiar to just about every American by now: The United States needs to import more Canadian crude oil to secure its energy independence, and building the proposed Keystone XL import pipeline is critical to accomplishing that goal.”

    Why does Ms Douglass and Mr Verleger, care if the pipeline is built? Their money is not being used, so there must be an another agenda at play..

    Our Canadian friends want this pipeline and that is good enough for me…And we know why they want it, as well..

    Thank you, Mr Butler, for the fracking article. It is perhaps one of the best that I have seen…
    I will set a hour aside to read it…

      • Well, I am glad you did! I have been searching for cost analysis of hydro fracking and have found very little..

        I am sure, that by reading this piece, I will learn something new…After all, without frac, there would be little news from the Bakken…

        • Hans, please feel free to share anything you find interesting in that 75 page report. ~JJ

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