Easy Recession

The decreasing impact of QE’s:  Ritholtz  Yet Bernanke paved the way for QE3 on August 1st according to Calculated Risk, but here are some different views at Calculated Risk.

Maybe oil is the early warning signal:  Zerohedge.  “…U.S. recession that, by our estimates, has already begun.” from John Hussman

Meanwhile, respected mainstream economist Paul Krugman screams for more intervention:  New York Times

Further, you’ve heard of the fiscal cliff, here is the monetary ledge:  Yardeni

How about across the pond, what’s the ECB thinking?  Economist  There are rumors of $2.5 trillion fire hose:  Business Insider

Dummies guide to what went wrong in Europe:  Investor Village

Quality analysis of Barrick (ABX) at Seeking Alpha.