Crude Charts

Oil Trims Biggest Drop Since June as Losses Considered Excessive at Bloomberg.

Simmons & Co.: Significant Oil Output Surge Is Sustainable at UG Center.  Oh how the world changes.  Six years ago Matt Simmons was warning of the impending conventional natural gas shortage.  He was right, but shale gas completely changed the industry.  The Haynesville (10% of current US production) had yet to be discovered!

More trains:  Canadian oil discounts narrow as trains oust pipes at Financial Post.  Seems Canada is going to win the North America race to export LNG to Asia:  Reuters.

Thresholds in the economic effects of oil prices.  Good stuff at Econbrowser.  Gasoline inflation adjusted:  Chart of the Day.

About That Correction In Crude Oil by All-Star ChartsThe Crude Drop and Treasury Bounce May Be Over by Greg Harmon.

In Presidential election season’s, seems most people get their hair scruntchy’s tied in knots.  Socialism?  Corporatism?  A pox on both their houses!  Why Romney’s energy czar once lobbied to block Keystone XL at Financial Post.

2 thoughts on “Crude Charts

  1. Good old Matthew Simmons, RIP, who was a peaker and had predicated $500 oil…

    Another delightful article by the , Financial Post…I am very disappoint in Mr Hamn, a hero of mine…

    Does anyone understand those petrol inflation numbers…How did gas get to $3.50 per gallon, adjusted for inflation, when in 1970, it sold for 30 cents per gallon.

    Moreover, from 1970 to 2010, the all urban consumer index increased only by 566.42?

    Who has inflated their igor? Me or the chartist?

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