Commodity Supercycle

One reason to think the commodity bull is actually still alive inside the secular stock market bear:  Commodities trading thrives as equities dive at Marketwatch.

Fundamental to the commodity supercycle is the rise of China: witnessing the birth of a superpower at the Guardian as they suck down the metals per Sprach Analyst.  So is the continual currency debasement:  Frank Holmes.

Gas, Grains and Growth:  Making sense of the fall in commodity prices at the Economist.  This was written, however, prior to the price surge this week on the hot and dry weather.  Business Week

Oil being transported by rail has replaced coal by an undetermined degree:  Value Plays.  Coal fired generation facility’s worth less at BloombergCoal Stands to Lose Even More Following Court Ruling at 24/7 Wall Street.

A Jim Chanos presentation suggesting US shale and iron ore assets are value traps.  Scribd