Stimulate Me!

“Greece continues to receive billions of euros in emergency assistance from a so-called troika of lenders overseeing its bailout…it is flowing directly back into the troika’s pockets.  The European bailout of 130 billion euros ($163.4 billion) that was supposed to buy time for Greece is mainly servicing only the interest on the country’s debt…”  Read about the farce at CNBC.

Will There Be Stimulus?  Jim Puplava

Governments are addicted to stimulus:  Sober Look

The Bank of England prepares to print as a matter of daily business:  Telegraph

Currently printing is measured in the hundreds of billions.  Eventually the problems will be papered over with trillions.  King World News

Eric Sprott May 2012 presentation.  Sprott

Strong Evidence of an Important Low in Gold Stocks, continued, from Daily Gold.  Newmont makes the WSJ.

Jeff Saut on the bottom.  Raymond James