Shale Underestimated

Despite yesterday’s EIA oil report showing an increase in inventory, the price reversed higher.  Bloomberg  New oil sands development requires a very high oil price:  Financial Post.

“A new study says North Dakota’s oil production could jump more than threefold by 2025 to more than 2 million barrels a day.”  (Dickinson Press)  “Production there averages around 800,000 barrels per day.”  (Oil Price)  Meanwhile, “Eagle Ford crude production is close to 600 MB/d.”  (RBN Energy)  That gets us to 1.4 million barrels per day between only the Bakken and Eagle Ford and heading higher.  The shale story is being underestimated!

“Oil integrateds/refiners are set to report later this week…Equity Analysts have paired back expectations not only for the balance of 2012 but for 2013 as well.”  AMP 2012

“In the past 20 days, 40 of 43 stocks energy stocks have outperformed relative to the S&P 500, making it one of the best performing sectors.”  Who knew?  Street Insider

A map showing IEA country strategic oil reserves:  Business Insider.

Why is natural gas supply still high?  Think productivity!  Newfield (NFX) has long since stopped drilling dry gas wells, but gas associated with oil production kept their second quarter natural gas rate at 440 mmcf/d, similar to their first quarter of 447 mmcf/d.  Meanwhile, Encana is North America’s largest natural gas producer and had .5 bcf/d of ng shut-in in the second quarter.  Sounds like the gas markets needs a bunch more time

Is Natural Gas Going To $4.00?  Not before winter!  But enjoy the chart-fest:  Globe Trend Capital.

S&P 500 chart technically ‘looking blurry’:  ChartologyCommodities reaching a “Counter Trend Peak” and about to fall once again?  Deflation trend going to continue?  Kimble Charting Solutions.

Here at Independent Stock Analysis we inform and educate.  Perhaps you find ISA a great productivity tool.  You are a big boys.  I don’t shout at you do something.  What you won’t find here:  Anatomy of A Vancouver / OTC  Penny (PAID) Stock Promotion.

2 thoughts on “Shale Underestimated

  1. Bakken production is not 800k,but rather 640k!

    Be careful when using data from…..

  2. The 640k number is for the month of May and only in North Dakota, excluding Montana. Watching the producers report booming results has the 800k estimate for today looking reasonable. Thanks for the heads up.

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