How Real Is Shale?

About yesterday’s mess in the patch:  Barrons.  UBS went the other way, with less analysis:  Reuters.

“Valero could stop importing light, sweet crude to its Gulf Coast refineries as soon as 2013 and fully rely on U.S. production,”  Fuel Fix.

Rail shipments of oil up 36% this year:  Globe and Mail.  Thus the strengths in the rails:  ChessNwine.

Part III on Bakken crude pricing:  RBN Energy.  Brent-WTI spread at Bespoke.

Commentary on OPEC’s meeting last week:  FT Alphaville.

The Duvernay shale is a colossal oil and gas play in Canada:  Mining

At last, a bottom in Natural Gas:  “I believe strongly that the low at 1.902 will not be seen again in my trading lifetime.”  Peter Brandt

Haynesville rig count at Haynesville Play.