Crude glut, price plunge put oil sands projects at risk at The Globe and Mail.

Monthly U.S. imports:  EIA

“Since 2005 the global capacity of installed wind power has quadrupled, due to a variety of factors such as improved technology, large scale investment, and incentive programs designed to encourage industry growth.  According to the Worldwatch Institute, in 2011 the global installed capacity increased by 21 percent on the previous year…China has already started making improvements to its energy infrastructure, and has plans to invest more than $400 billion in order to connect all of its installed wind capacity to the grid by 2015.”  Oil Price

For a million BTU:  Gregor

Natural gas vehicles will kill the electric car.  I don’t think personal transportation goes to NGV’s; horizontal drilling and regional trucking will do the trick:  Energy and Capital

“Hoglund was the first CEO of Enron Oil & Gas. He retired from the company in 1999, the same year that it became independent from Enron and renamed itself EOG Resources. In the years since EOG has become Chesapeake’s biggest rival in pursuing unconventional shale plays (though EOG’s capital structure has none of Chesapeake’s complexity). Hoglund, 79, retains a sterling reputation, no connection to Chesapeake, and would bring gravitas to the board…It’s unlikely the reconstituted board will get rid of him. McClendon is a brilliant operator, perhaps the ultimate wildcatting visionary of his generation, but sometimes genius operates even better within constraints.”  Forbes

Commodities down 9 months in a row relative to equities at All Star Charts.  And sector charts show it:  Bespoke.