Oil Heavy

Oil Trades Little Changed as Storm Threat to U.S. Gulf Crude Supply Fades at Bloomberg.

Annual Energy Outlook 2012 (Only 252 pages long):  EIA

This would only be the tip of the iceberg:  Oil price fall slowing oilfield activity at Calgary Herald.

I have little idea when the Saudi’s will cut oil production, but here is a look at the coming monarchy change:  Economist.  Update:  OPEC may hold emergency meeting if oil prices continue to decline, Khatibi says per Platts at Twitter.

China Stockpiling masks tepid oil-demand growth:  Petroleum Economist.  However, “Both Malaysia’s A-P Tapis Crude and Indonesia’s A-P Minas crude are pegged to Brent crude and currently trade at an $8 premium.”  Peter Pham.

Gas at the pump should head down to near $3.00 stateside:  Econbrowser.

Meanwhile, a Japanese company is paying $5000 an acre for South Texas acreage.  They have to drill through the Eagle Ford (which rights they do not receive) to get the Pearsall.  Two words:  Time-value and WOWOil and Gas Journal.

A look at how Canadians are handling the CHK & ECA crisis:  Financial Post.  Southeastern thinks Chesapeake is worth $50 and eventually $100:  CNBC.  Technical look at CHK:  Roberty Sinn