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Oil Rebounds as Norway Strike Looms at BloombergStatoil Prepares to Shut Down Production As Strike Continues at the WSJ.

“Problem is, the rebound last year was fuelled at least in part by an average deficit of 800,000 barrels a day for the year as a whole.  This year, that has reversed with an average surplus of 1.9 million barrels a day during the first five months of the year.”  At least shoulder season is over.  Financial Post

Opec’s gift to oil sands producers: high oil prices also at the Financial PostGulf OPEC States Oppose Prices Meeting at the WSJ.

Raymond James Energy Stat of the Week addresses NGL’s:  Raymond James.  The rig count from Haynesville Play.

The EIA is wildly underestimating horizontal drilling:

The oil price will determine the pace of development, but looks like a million barrels in the Bakken by 2015:  Prairie Business  Certainly the Eagle Ford production will higher than the Bakken under every oil price scenario with 60 more rigs running on more productive land commanding premium pricing (Gonzales Cannon).  Plains just announced quarter over quarter oil production up 17%, no doubt driven by the Eagle Ford (Yahoo).  With the weather cooperating and the industry backlog under control, growth with be a big theme as the E&P’s announce second quarter results.  Utica, Mississippi lime, and the smorgasbord of wolf/dog/bone Permian plays?  Anyone?

Bakken down-spacing at Ryder Scott with a hat tip to Million Dollar Way.  I do not follow Triangle Petroleum in the Bakken:  AMP 2012.

Pick you stocks, and countries, carefully.  Why Brazilian Oil Struggles to Catch Fire  at the WSJ.

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  1. Mr Oksol, and his Million Dollar Way, provide some of the best coverage of the Bakkens…

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