Energy and a Cut

Eagle Ford human interest article:  Fuel Fix  As production ramps higher in a new play, operators get behind before a maintenance level of backlog inventory is found.  The Eagle Ford backlog at Eagle Ford Shale.

Crude oil and refined product charts by BMO courtesy of Pedriven and Land Lubber at Investor Village.

More on the Russian shale Bazhenovf at Forbes.

Shortages of Guar Gum at 24/7 Wall Street.

Dodge the Bullet.  Natgas Supply Overhang Correcting at RBN EnergyMusings: After 7 1/2 Months of Lower Gas Rigs, Production Finally Falls at Rigzone.  However, “A report from Bentek Energy, which examines national industry trends,  estimates that even if companies stopped drilling new wells in northeast Pennsylvania, production could grow by 31 percent over the  next 16 months as the partly drilled wells get hooked up.” at Triblive.

Chesapeake mid-stream sale could be announced this week.  Financial Times

Sector relative strength at Bespoke.

“No one knows whether we are headed down to 800 on the S&P 500 within a year, or are going to 1700 by 2013.”  ChessNwine.  Fed’s Yellen:  “Scope remains for further policy accommodation” per Calculated Risk.

While I was putting this post tegether, China cut lending rates for the first time since 2008.  See Bloomberg.  Think materials stocks.