The Good Links

Canadian Natural Resources says $85 the make or break price for oil.  Globe and Mail

Most of last decade high US natural gas prices helped forced industrial activity overseas.  Looks like it has been reversed.  EIA

Reuters on the Bakken and Eagle Ford:  (Article claims 1.2 million barrels of production a day between the two fields.  I still think they are six months away from such production figures.)  Reuters

Mid-continent oil discounts and plans going forward:  Hard Asset Investor

Is Canada grappling with Dutch disease?  No where mentioned is the dirty little worker productivity secret…Globe and Mail

Ten year treasury yields since 1900:  Chart of the Day

S&P 500 put volume indicate of a market bottom?  All Star Charts  The DJIA:Gold ratio is favorite of goldbugs, viewed short term:  All Star Charts  The move in the oil:natural gas ratio:  All Star Charts