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Pundits are deaf creatures.  The perma-bears have been dead wrong and are ridiculed in Stockman’s Sky is Falling.  Never mind perma-bull Brian Wesbury was the most wrong commentator heading into the financial crisis.

The New Great Rotation: Commodities into Bonds by Barry Ritholtz.  “Right now, miners are a value trap.” says Macro Business.

Did you notice yesterday Alcoa, China spark massive rally in miners and metals (Mining), while COT data for copper is bullish (Peter Brandt).

A Look Inside the US Stock Market by JC Parets.

“So are we at the beginning of yet another boom-bust cycle?… the latest surge isn’t being driven by unconventional loans that let people buy with little or no money down…most buyers today are putting at least 20 percent down or paying all cash. “We all got burned by the exotic financing, but that’s not happening this time.””  Business Week

Job Openings Hit Postrecession High at the WSJ.

“There’s more than a touch of Chicken Little in common arguments for more infrastructure spending.”  Bloomberg

Why Japan is the most interesting story in global economics right now (Washington Post).  Kyle Bass on the printing in Japan at Plan B Economics.

Hans:  Bondad uses ‘wet gas’, LNG and CNG interchangeably.  Try putting propane into your car, CNG into a tanker or LNG into the bus at the airport!

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  1. Miners are not a valve trap but rather a death trap…How about Barrock Gold (ABX) trading at 50% below its high two years ago..

    Interest article on CNG, Mr Butler…Read another piece on a century supply of natty in the USA…I hope that its use in transportation continues to increase…

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