Tuesday Tidbits

Why are Commodity Prices Falling During QE3?  Avondale

Stock market breadth has been deteriorating since January says Short Side of Long.

Is the recovery dying? (Econbrowser).  Housing has not led to a hiring boom yet (Wonkblog) and I think it’s in part due to the inability to find skilled labor.  Further, the more significant housing effects are on related industries and household balance sheets (Josh Brown).

Are Dividend-Paying Stocks a “Good Alternative” to Bonds?  No at Learn Bonds.  Yet minuscule bond yields have led to richly priced dividend growers.  Definition of rich or financial independence?  Ownership of assets, i.e. a list of common stocks, which provide enough income to cover all personal expenses and can be expected to keep up with inflation.

“As a stand-alone business, Verizon Wireless could be worth $300 billion-behind only ExxonMobil and Apple.”  Barron’s