Mastering Saturday

“Investing in actively-managed mutual funds that charge high fees can lower your standard of living in retirement by as much as one-third over a low-cost index fund strategy.”  Rick Ferri

“The very best investors know their limitations. Most investors pretend they know.”  Morningstar

The Myth of the Casually Competent Investor by Stephen Grey.

Golf & Trading by Charles Kirk.

12 Things You Should Never Stop Doing by Marc and Angel.

Peter Drucker’s Keys To Identify The Top Flight Manager at Management 2012.

Roger Ebert as a Builder of an Empire at the NY Times.

Email Is Not Free at Harvard Business Review.

Using Big Brother Tactics Against the Police! Cop Caught in the Act!  CNN

Maryland Governor Taxes Rain at Breit Bart.

Poop trucks of Dubai:  “Amazingly, Dubai doesn’t have a sewage infrastructure to support its skyscrapers, including the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.”

Ford says Focus tops world car sales in 2012 (Reuters) while Toyota denies report that Ford Focus topped 2012 sales (Reuters).

Peter Brandt and Chess note the precious metal complex is very broken.  “If the Bank of Japan stimulus and the Fed’s QE cannot take this market higher…”  Trader Dan said it.  Oy.