In the Patch

This weekend Barron’s had a negative piece on natty, saying Gas Bubble Ready To Pop.  The mainstream media calling everything in sight a bubble has officially gone crazy…$4.15 natural gas may or may not be too high, but it’s not a bubble.

Natural Gas: What A Difference A Year Makes – Analysis, Outlook, Statistics, Catalysts by Richard Zeits.

The Colder Weather Tightens Gas Market (Raymond James) and the natural gas rig count is down to 375 (Haynesville Play).  The price has risen for seven weeks in a row (Kyle Cooper).

Summer Power Burn – Are Generators Headed Back to Coal?  RBN Energy

Outlook for shale gas and tight oil development in the U.SEIA

Energy fact of the day: ‘Saudi America’ was world’s No. 1 petroleum producer in December for second month in a row says Mark Perry.  Unfortunately, Mr. Perry is dishonest in representing NGL’s as crude oil headed for your gas tank.

Natural Gas Liquids: The “Other” Driver of the U.S. Oil and Gas Supply Resurgence at Brookings.

Fifteen oil and gas charts at Business Insider.

The death of peak oil at Econobrowser.

“It takes fewer and fewer BTU’s of energy to produce a dollar of GDP.”  Climateer

I imagine Tuesday morning’s post will be a bit late.  I intend to enjoy the Louisville-Michigan game.

2 thoughts on “In the Patch

  1. Mr Butler, I rise in the defense of Professor Perry…

    It is the EIA and or the DOE which report these numbers…

    Even the SA total production output contains white gas…

    • Hans, Mr. Perry knows better than to reference NGL’s as ‘oil’. The intellectually dishonesty drives me crazy…

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