Fun Saturday

In college I would go to the library to study.  Soon enough I would push my books aside and start reading the Wall Street Journal before migrating to the investing and business book sections.  The school is finishing a $65 million library, a price tag I consider outrageous.

Growing student debt at Econobrowser.

The higher education bubble is starting to deflate so says Mark Perry.

“I’ve decided to sell 10% of my (after tax) income for the next 10 years of my life.”  Apparently she received $125k.

“In terms of the labour market, America is suffering from a rising case of ‘German envy’” at the Financial Times.

The End of Full-Time Work in the American Retail Service Sector at Forbes.

Secret Life of a Wine Salesman at Food and Wine.

If You’re Going to Quit a 9-to-5 Job That Doesn’t Make You Happy, This Is the Way to Do It at The Blaze.

Have you notice the trend:  A manufacturing guy, a finance guy, and a tech guy have all been brought into run three of the largest retailer’s from the outside over the last thirteen years.  All three failed spectacularly and quickly based on their own decisions.  The JC Penny ordeal is only the latest.

Ten Great Economic Myths by Murray Rothbard.

Luck, Skill, and Investing at Morningstar.

Howard Marks: The Wisdom of a Value Superinvestor at Beyond Proxy.

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  1. Mr. Butler
    Without the best facilities, latest technology, and best teachers you cannot demand or expect top results. The same is true in business. The growth and success at GVSU is because of what has been done over the years at the school.

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