The world is changing ever faster.  The US could be the world’s most populous country by the time my daughter is really old.  While I am relatively optimistic on the United States, structural problems remain.  The Pension Rate-of-Return Fantasy is only a part of low and middle income households struggle to compete against industrializing nations.  Look no further than Japan to see why money printing shall continue.  Policy makers will tolerate higher inflation to help labor markets.  Yet clearly I have been out touch for a while:

Chart of the Day

Interest rates could go lower lower, but they will not stay low permanently.  Or so I think…

I believe to the core of my being an investor ought to take control over his investments or ought to index.  Managed funds don’t work.  But running money is a highly difficult and risky endeavour.  Always cut losses short.  Yet compounding is a beautiful thing!

In theory writing a newsletter is the perfect business.  But in real life the paywall world is tough and I am going to move on.  I’m tired of my voice; you must be too.

News is bad for you, but I must recommend getting on Twitter to personalized the news flow to your interests.

If you feel shortchanged by your Independent Stock Analysis subscription, email me and I’ll make it right.  I trust the resources presented have been worthwhile.  Going forward posting will be light.  I wish everyone all the best!

JJ Butler

4 thoughts on “Change

  1. Oh, dear, I fear that you will not be here…

    Mr Butler, I wish you well and thanks for all of your labors!

    Your links and subject lines where of essences for me, so you shall be missed…

  2. I received the check. Thanks so much for your promptness.

    Best of luck to you.

  3. J,

    I am sorry to see you terminate this project. The reach and diversity made it worthwhile. Are you re-considering? Other plans?



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