Change and Collapse

The collapse in newspaper revenue (Mark Perry):

“The call for this week: The “buying stampede” is at a legendary 70 sessions and quite frankly I have never seen anything like this in 42 years in this business…So maybe we will finally see a pullback, but it should not be all that much.”  Jeff Saut

Value Investing Is Not Dead.  Iheartwallstreet

Notes from the DoubleLine Lunch with Jeffrey Gundlach, Spring 2013 by Josh Brown.  The full slides presentation.

Demand and the Expansion at Value Plays.

Saudi Arabia says shale oil sets price floor at Argus.

Crude and gasoline inventory (Bespoke) and Brent-WTI spreads at Raymond James.

Peter Brandt updates the vertical declines in gold and silver.

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  1. Very enjoyable read from, Mr Brown, however, I did not agree with much of the opinions of Gundlach, especially whether there is a Ben Bernank Bond Bubble (BBBB)…

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