Saturday Gold Bugs

One hundred twenty pages of gold fundamentals and charts:  Erste Research.

It’ll all be papered over, including Japan’s problems:  Sober Look.  The government debt maturity outlook has deteriorated significantly over the last two years:  Acting Man.  The Fed’s zero interest rate policy is theft from savers:  Sober Look.

Did the multi-decade bond bull market just end?  All Star Charts

Mexico hit a new record in gold production in 2011 (Mining).

Key descending triangle in gold at Kimble Charting Solutions.  Weekly Gold:HUI at StocktwitsGOLD close to confirming breakout to all-time highs at Market Trend Forecast.  But, can a breakout of these coils be trusted?  Peter Brandt

Fed Day Gold Bugs

“Here’s a nice round-up of opinions from the analyst community on whether or not there will be QE3 this week.”  Consensus: No QE3 This Week at Pragmatic Capitalism.

Arguments for holding gold:  Campbell Harvey.

Another:  “I don’t see a huge social cost to having a three or four percent rather than a two percent inflation rate.”  Fool.  Marginal Revolution.

“For all the hype over recent tech initial public offerings, did you know that investors have lost more money in Groupon and Facebook than the entire assets in all of the gold funds?”  Frank Holmes

How rare are 1 million+ ounce gold deposits at Visual Capitalist.

Will a Bear Market in Stocks Hurt Gold Stocks?  Daily Gold

Decision time for gold continues to linger:  All Star Charts.

Silver resistance levels at Nifty Charts.  Sprott is buying 7 million ounces:  Mining.

Saturday Gold Bugs

I look for the public pension problems to get papered over later this decade:  WSJ.  Practically speaking, central bank cooperating means easy policy at a faster pace.  WSJ

As states and city’s go bankrupt (Mish), remember gold is no one’s liability.

Coming: The End of Fiat Money is an outstanding interview with Stephanie Pomboy at Barron’s.  (Google the title to read the whole article)

Global QE Is Coming: Let the Gold Mania Begin! by Chris Puplava at Financial Sense.

Gold Q2, 2012 – Investment Statistics And Commentary at Zero Hedge.

Gold 22% Rally to Record Seen by Eric Sprott: Commodities at Bloomberg.

Chinese gold imports:  GMN

Silver Undervalued by Zeal.  The life savings of my toddler consists of three silver eagles and a few dollars.

John Doody is starting a silver letter at his Gold Stock AnalystHere is the commercial.  In precious metal bull markets silver lags until the tail end speculative phase…

Precious Metal Gold Bugs

Note this chart of credit adjusted gold from Real Return Investing at Ritholtz.  This piece might be the most worthwhile read of the week.

UBS warns of possible hyperinflation:  Zero Hedge

“On Thursday, gold futures recorded a negative 12-month return for the first time since July 2009. This is a rare occurrence over the past decade, happening on only 118 trading days, or just 4.5% of the time.”  WSJ

“If we tabulate a 33% increase in valuations, a 100% increase in margins and a 32% increase in production, it yields share price growth of 250%. This equates to HUI 1400 in 2014.”  (I reversed the bold numbers-JJ)  Daily Gold

Meanwhile, the gold miners are still stuck in the mud:  Market Anthropology.

Gold Stocks are due for a “Bounce!”  Is a 30-year under-performance long enough? at Kimble Charting Solutions.  The gold price direction:  Peter Brandt.

Rick Rule on the tightness in the physical silver market:  King World News.

Is Silver about to rally 10%? at Kimble Charting Solutions.  This silver chart is the largest symmetrical triangle I have ever seen:  Nifty Charts.

Europe Runs Over the Platinum Price at WSJ.

Goldbug Saturday

The race to the bottom goes mainstream:  Reformed Broker.

Precious Metal Summer Doldrums at Zeal.

Richard Russell:  Inflate, die or revalue.  321Gold

Bill Fleckenstein:  “And the bond market or the currency market or a combination of the two will take the printing press away…What I am salivating over is the chance to really press my gold position.  I think the next leg is going to be really, really powerful.”  King World News

“Whatever is needed to paper over the excesses of the banking industry will be provided.”  Peter Pham

“just in the first five months of 2012 alone, China has imported more gold, a total of 315 tons, than all the official gold holdings of the UK”  Zero Hedge

Central Banks are gold buyers:  Azizonomics

Metals Still Pouncing on Major Support Levels from ChessNwine.  Silver chart at Kimble Charting Solutions.

Saving Silver

On Wednesday my daughter received a $100 bill from my folks as a gift for her second birthday.  The note read, in part:  “Have your mom or dad put this your bank account so it can grow just like you.”  Two observations are striking:

I’m devastated.  Mila does not even have a bank account.  Seriously, what kind of father am I?  Saving was taught to me as a child.  Grandparents and uncles who remembered the Great Depression understood this importance and gave me birthday dollars as a lad, and they added up over time.  Our experiences shape our attitudes.

We giggle over the ‘so it can grow’ statement. Interest rates are zero!  A ten year zero coupon Treasury will not buy her as many Happy Meals when she turns twelve.  The financial repression is cute until the realization occurs savers are being robbed.

So we have a date.  This morning father and daughter are going to the coin store for three one ounce silver coins.