At Odds

Hoisington Investment Management – Quarterly Review and Outlook, First Quarter 2013 at Mauldin.

China continues to struggle along, so TCK’s results continue to be weak.

GMO: Natural Gas Prices Could Triple (Pragmatic Capitalism).  Reasons for recent rally in natural gas (Sober Look).  Mainstream commentators just don’t understand the natural gas market…

Some good information:  Trucking Industry Is Set to Expand Its Use of Natural Gas at the NY Times.

Gasoline Volume Sales, Demographics and our Changing Culture by Doug Short.

The Eagle Ford boom continues (Mark Perry).

Interesting:  Why Aren’t Gold Bonds Plunging Along With The Stocks?  Learn Bonds

Figure 1: Long-Term Inflation-Adjusted Price of Gold and Average Price

Figure 2: Recent Inflation-Adjusted Gold Price and Average Range (in 2011 dollars)