Independent Stock Analysis considers the investment landscape and navigates the internet, seeking to improve our understanding with an open mind and intellectual honesty.  At present three ideas stand out:  1) World oil production being on an undulating plateau.  2) The industrialization of China and its raw materials consumption.  3) The credit bubble, money printing saga and its effects on investments and the precious metals complex.  ISA has been spending considerable time investigating the natural gas and coal sectors.

Over time investment themes and valuations will change and so will ISA‘s focus.  ISA is about what JJ Butler finds valuable.  Occasionally investment ideas for further due diligence will be mentioned, or notes from a specific company conference call will be given.  Independent Stock Analysis sorts through the copious quantity of misinformation and drivel available and presents the worthwhile material.

Thus much of ISA is simply information from other sources.  JJ Butler inhales vast volumes and aggregates the nuggets.  Educational information is given in an organized format for readers to apply to their own situation.  Serious investors and speculators enjoy this productivity tool.

Independent Stock Analysis is a commercial endeavor.  JJ Butler uses Independent Stock Analysis as a subscription blog with pricing of $100 a year.

In the spirit of pioneering financial writers from Larry Livingstone to today’s financial blogosphere, the pseudonym JJ Butler is used.  The first post of the day typically arrives as most people sit down at their desk in the morning.  Within posts, article titles are underlined.  Feel free to email me at jeff@independentstockanalysis.com  See the disclaimer.  And enjoy!